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Steinhausen village church

The world’s most beautiful village church
Pfarramt Steinhausen
Ingoldinger Straße 5
88427 Bad Schussenried – Steinhausen

about 40 km away
approx. 45 minute drive
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Cathedral of Ulm

The world’s highest church tower
Pfarramt Ost
Münsterplatz 21
89073 Ulm

about 40 km away
approx. 30 minute drive
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Rot an der Rot monastery grounds

Rot an der Rot municipal administration
Klosterhof 14
88430 Rot an der Rot

about 20 km away
approx. 25 minute drive
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Kloster Bonlanden

Bonlanden Monastery

Congregation of Franciscan nuns in Bonlanden
Faustin-Mennel-Straße 1
88450 Berkheim-Bonlanden

about 10 km away
approx. 15 minute drive
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Planetarium in Laupheim

Volkssternwarte Laupheim e.V.
Milchstraße 1
88471 Laupheim

about 30 km away
approx. 30 minute drive
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Ottobeuren Public Observatory

Place of business
Bgm.-Hasel-Str. 17
D-87724 Ottobeuren

about 40 km away
approx. 35 minute drive
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Steam locomotive Ochsenhausen Öchsle

Municipal Traffic Office
Marktplatz 1
88416 Ochsenhausen

about 20 km away
approx. 20 minute drive

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