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The former imperial city of Ulm boasts a variety of historical attractions. Chief amongst them is the holy cathedral of Ulm, with the world’s highest church tower. The historical town hall (Rathaus) with its richly decorated facades is just a stone’s throw away.

about 40 km away
approx. 30 minute drive


Memmingen, the city of gates and towers & pediments and facades, is situated on the edge of the Allgäu region. The city’s over 850-year history and handsome old town still excite and delight visitors today. Let the magnificent buildings at the market square astound you:  The Rathaus (town hall), Steuerhaus (wheelhouse) and Großzunft

about 20 km away
approx. 25 minute drive 


Full steam ahead in another era. The historical Öchslebahn railway offers train-enthusiasts pure nostalgia on rails. The former Benedictine Abbey is an imposing sight, after all its one of the largest monasteries in all of southern Germany.

about 18 km away
approx. 20 minute drive


The city lives up to its reputation as a place of rich culture. Biberach celebrates one of Germany’s largest historical folk festivals. It is also home to Germany’s oldest theatre association and the oldest amateur orchestra. What’s more, Biberach is well known for being a great place to live and relax. It is located in foothills of the Alps, which were formed by glaciers long ago. In fact, the Riss Glacial period was named after a moraine outcropping here. Today, Biberach is an economically prosperous area.

about 30 km away  
approx. 40 minute drive 


Relax – recover – experience – discover: 1001 possibilities, the city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance is the kind of place that inspires good moods. The city is famed for its Zeppelin factory and exhibition centre. A tour through the baroque city city centre is well worth it.

about 100 km away
approx. 1 minute drive

The famed Keltenstraße in Upper Swabia

GPS tour highlights authentic Celtic sites
The route begins near Mengen-Ennetach and leads to the Innertal valley via Bad Buchau, the Bussen mountain, and Bad Waldsee until terminating close to Kichberg an der Iller. GPS will guide you to 14 authentic Celtic cultural sites that feature information about each place and the topic of Celtic culture in general. The fictive narrators at each site are a cast of Celtic characters that include druids, gods and warriors.

Bad Wurzach

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Allgäu Alps, far from the hectic hustle and bustle of big-city life, Bad Wurzach has something for everyone. Breathe deep and enjoy. The handsome town centre boasts countless stores and shops, inviting you to browse and explore.

about 60 km away
approx. 45 minute drive


The once free imperial city of Ravensburg, located in the heart of the Lake Constance and Allgäi holiday regions, is the region’s key economic centre. Once a trade centre, today it is THE shopping destination for Upper Swabia. At the Ravensburger Museum, it’s all about games and books. This interactive museum highlights the history and present-day activities of the Ravensburg publishing house.

about 90 km away
approx. 1 hour drive


Wangen is love at first sight. The magnificent old town is always worth a visit. Located in the hill country of West Allgäu and surrounded by moors and marshes, the carefully restored former free imperial city, with its countless fountains and bustling market, is truly picturesque and must be one of South Germany’s most handsome attractions.

about 70 km away
approx. 50 minute drive